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Literary Exploration Series: Sadhana, the Realisation of Life – Ch.4

CHAPTER 4: The Problem of Self Link to chapter: click here Length of chapter reading: 38:34 minutes The Problem of Self is really about the relationship we have with ourselves. Every other relationship we have in any given life is but a reflection of our connection with our true Self. That which you enjoy in […]

Literary Exploration Series: Sadhana, the Realisation of Life – Ch.1

In celebration of spring, you are warmly invited to come join in the reflection of the Spirit. This time of rebirth and new awakenings is a perfect opportunity to widen our eyes and open ourselves to seeing more of our Selves. For the next 8 weeks, we will embark on the Literary Exploration of Sadhana, […]

Achieving Reiki Mastery

There are three degrees of Reiki practitioners. If you choose to go through the process, feel free to ask your teachers about the topics listed below. The First Degree In the first degree, students tend to learn about the following things: The History of Reiki The Attunement Process Energy The Chakra System How to do […]