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Knowledge holds the Light

What is in me is what you reflect for me. What is reflected in you is revealed through me. Like the glassy surface of a still lake, You show me who I Am. We are each one another’s mirrors. See me, and you will see yourself, Judge me and you simply judge yourself. There are […]

Achieving Reiki Mastery

There are three degrees of Reiki practitioners. If you choose to go through the process, feel free to ask your teachers about the topics listed below. The First Degree In the first degree, students tend to learn about the following things: The History of Reiki The Attunement Process Energy The Chakra System How to do […]

The time for renewal

I wrote to you about Shiva and Shakti and how I realised recently that I have just gone through a period of Shiva (destruction) only to realise that I am coming out of that and entering into a period of Shakti (renewal). There was a point at which I heard myself saying to others that […]