The Subconscious Mind

The Filing System

The subconscious mind can be understood as the non-reasoning mind. Rather than using reasoning power as the conscious mind does, the subconscious mind20091015-files operates at a more basic, instinctive level and also serves as the memory bank that files every thought, feeling, memory, habit pattern, desire and instinct that we posses. Since it works 24 hours a day, storing all that we think and feel, it is a very powerful source of either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ usage, depending on what we have filed in it. Sometimes when we think we’re using our intuition, we’re actually accessing information already stored in our subconscious mind that we acquired in a previous experience, but intuition actually comes from other sources, one of which is the superconscious mind.

Beginning at our infancy, we have been programmed by our parents, grandparents, peers, teachers and the media. All of these exchanges of information have been stored in our subconscious minds. Little children are all in a sense victims…meaning that their reasoning minds have not developed enough to be able to discriminate and protect them from negative programming. As small children, we were totally open. As a result, our subconscious minds may be filled with mental poisons, faulty thinking and damaging beliefs. Just as the body can be filled with physical toxins from poor eating, the subconscious mind can be filled with mental toxins from both improper programming and education.

The subconscious mind functions according to the Law of Attraction in that it will draw toward it all that resonates at the same level of vibration. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of what their subconscious mind is actually doing. These people are asleep. Most people…are sleep. By using our subconscious mind as a tool of manifestation in our lives, we are in alignment with the saying “As within, so without” or “As above, so below”. That is, what we think and imagine in our subconscious mind will manifest its mirror likeness in our external circumstances and experiences. We must remember, our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world, for better or worse, because the subconscious mind does whatever it is programmed to do.

The subconscious mind is an amazing paradox. It has no powers of reason on its own, yet it has an incredible number of abilities and intelligence factors. A great illustration for understanding this is the computer analogy. A computer is an astonishing piece of equipment, capable of performing millions of computations per second, yet it doesn’t care whether it is programmed to solve the problem of world hunger or to create a nuclear war. It has the capability to do either job efficiently, but it doesn’t have the reasoning power not to want to create nuclear war. It is this difference between intelligence and reason that we are primarily concerned with. The subconscious mind does whatever it is programmed to do, no matter what! Therefore, is it possible to SEE why our subconscious mind is SO important??!

To manifest effectively, we must learn to be in control of what is fed into our mind at all times. Many times, the subconscious mind runs us instead of the other way around. Ideally, the subconscious is our servant and will supply us with whatever we need as long as we program it correctly.

Mind and Body

The subconscious mind completely operates the physical body. Hypnosis offers some insight into how this works; for example, some post-hypnotic therapy suggestions are being used to control a person’s physiological craving for nicotine and to help change their internal programming for craving cigarettes. Unfortunately, our subconscious mind is as happy damaging the body with harmful toxins as it is creating good health with the proper foods and nutrients. The subconscious mind has the intelligence to create perfect health or create cancer, but it will create whatever it has been programmed to do, there again depending on what we feed it. Certainly no one consciously programs himself to develop cancer, but many people unconsciously program disease into their bodies through self-hatred, victim consciousness, revenge, giving up, or holding on to pain and feelings of unforgiveness. The key, then, is to constantly program the subconscious mind for perfect, radiant health through good thoughts and intentions.

Mindful Dreams

The subconscious mind also helps to create our dreams every night. There are occasions when the superconscious mind creates dreams; however, most20091015-dream dreams originate in the subconscious. A dream is basically a mirror of the way we think, feel and act during our consicous daily life. A dream is like a newspaper we receive every day, depicting the organization and dynamics of our internal energies. Dreams are in the unviersal language of symbols. To understand our dreams, we must first accept that every part of every dream is, in reality, a part of us. By examining the relationship among the symbols, we can gain insight into ourselves and understand how our thought patterns are manifesting themselves in our lives through our actions. It is very beneficial to have a dream journal to record the many messages and stories being told to us through our subconscious minds.

Mind Over Matter

The subconscious mind can also be termed as our ‘habit’ mind, for it stores all of our habits, both the ones we like as well as the ones were fighting to get rid of! A lot of people think habits are bad, but this is not necessarily true. Generally we want to get rid of our bad habits, however ideally we should be creating good habits insead! It is much more productive to work at creating new positive habits than it is to focus our energies on our negative ones. There again, via Spirituality Class 101, what we focus on, grows and persists! Therefore, let’s focus our light and love and energies on creating new, positive, loving statements of who we are!

Mind as Memory

If you and I did not have a subconscious mind to store our developed abilities, every activity that we chose to perform would always take great amounts of focus and concentration. The subconscious mind’s ability to store personal abilities allows us to grow continually and develop new abilities without worrying about managing old ones. For example, remember the time you learned how to drive a car? For many of us, it was in the high school parking lot with our friends, working SO hard at coordinating our senses. Our reputations were at stake as our friends were watching us with eagle eyes, hoping in a way that we could not do it. However, after many attempts, we became conformable drivers. This is an example of how we can learn a procedure and that knowledge is then stored in our subconscious mind.

When we first learn how to do something, it may take a lot of conscious effort and willpower to master. However, after we learn how to deal with the situation, little conscious thought or effort is required after that point. If we didn’t have a subconscious mind to store our developed abilities, every activity would always take great focus and concentration. The subconscious mind’s ability to store habits allows us to grow continually and develop new abilities without worrying about old ones. We can learn something in a day, but there is a basic psychological or metaphysical law that states that it takes 21 days to cement a new habit into the subconscious mind.

Laws and Abilities of the Mind

The subconscious mind is where the Law of Magnetism and the Law of Attraction operate as well. The subconscious mind continually attracts and repels things according to what has been programmed into it. A Master is someone who uses these laws to his own conscious benefit. Let’s take the example of money and prosperity. If we have the subconscious belief that we will never have money, we won’t!! If, on the other hand, we think that we will, the subconscious mind will attract those opportunities and possibilities to us. Whatever we want in life, we have to affirm or visualize this into the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind will attract it to us!! It must be strssed here that the power of affirmations – when we focus our energies and thoughts and repeatedly declare what and who we are – we are making incredible advances in our evolutionary process.

The subconscious mind is also the seat of our psychic abilities. The subconscious has five inner senses that are the subtler counterparts of our five external senses: inner sight (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner smell, inner taste and inner touch. Have you ever noticed what when you dream your senses are available to you? How can this be if you are sleeping? This is because you are utilizing your five inner senses of the subconscious mind. All people have psychic abilities and can develop them further. It is just a matter of practice and proper training, as with any external ability.


The subconscious mind was never meant to direct our life. It will run us into oblivion if we let it, not because it is bad, but because it has no reasoning powers. For example, our car has a number of computer systems that help to run it more efficiently. However, just because these computer chips can perform these many functions, that doesn’t mean they are capable of diving our cars. In and of itself, the subconscious mind is divine; however why would anyone let a non-reasoing mind run his or her life? Strangely enough though, this is what most people do.

The Conscious Mind

The key function of the conscious mind is to be the reasoning mind and the programmer, protector and master of what we put into our subconscious mind.20091014-gate Try to imagine the conscious mind as an inner gate that protects us from our subconscious or non-reasoning mind. When a thought or feeling arises, it is the conscious mind’s task to use its powers of reasoning, discernment and discrimination to check that thought at the gate, so to speak. If the thought or impulse is ‘positive’, the conscious mind lets it into our being. If the thought or feeling is so-called ‘negative’, the subconscious mind closes the gates and denies entry. It is as simple and as basic as that.

Psychological good health is the process of letting positive, spiritually balanced thoughts into our minds. Just as in good physical health, where we put good, healthful food into our bodies, so do we put good, healthful thoughts into our minds if we want to be psychologically healthy. This ‘reasoning’ mind (or conscious mind) therefore controls what gets into our subconscious mind! By pushing negative thoughts or feelings out of who we are, we are refusing them energy. This is much like not watering a plant…the plant eventually withers and dies from lack of water (attention and focus).

Once we have pushed the negative thought out, the second step is to affirm the positive or spiritual thought. This can be called positive thinking through positive affirmation. By continually disregarding the negative thought and affirming the positive thought, we can form a new habit which then gets stored in our subconscious mind. The old habit dies because we are not giving it energy, and a new habit, which takes 21 days to form, takes its place. This then is stored in our subconscious mind and assists our conscious mind in making logical decisions.

Another way to view our conscious mind is to think of it as the ‘President of our personality’ or ‘Captain of our ship’. With this 20091014-shipmetaphor, if the conscious mind is the caption of the ship, then the subconscious mind is the shipmate below decks who follows whatever orders the captain gives. Thus, we are in control of what goes into our subconscious mind and what eventually can control our lives if allowed to.

Yet another way to look at our conscious mind is to think of it as a gardener. The gardener plants the seeds (thoughts) and the soil (subconscious mind) 20091014-gardengrows whatever kind of seed is planted, be it a weed or a beautiful flower. The subconscious mind will store information and follow orders whether the orders are rational or irrational. The subconscious mind doesn’t care because it has absolutately no reasoning ability.

Mantras, Names of God, and Other Words of Meaning


The Importance of Healthy Bodies

Each of us understands the importance of feeding our physical bodies with healthy food choices, vitamins and herbs, along with getting daily physical exercise of some type. We are constantly being bombarded with articles in our newspapers, advertisements on television and in magazines, advice from our doctors and our parents, etc. about what we need to do to keep our physical body strong and healthy. So much emphasis is put on needing to continually be aware of how we take care of our physical bodies. But, how often do we get reminded about the importance of taking time during our busy days to feed, nurture and expand our spiritual bodies?

Many of us have also been provided with numerous suggestions and ideas from various sources on ways to consciously grow into more loving, balanced, forgiving and accepting human beings through many different spiritual practices, the main one being through daily meditation – that time for conscious stillness when we open ourselves to higher energies. Yet how many of us listen to these repeated suggestions and truly attempt to implement the practices into our daily routines? This is not a judgment…simply a question to ask ourselves to determine if we are taking a consciously active part in our spiritual growth.


Many of us know that meditation can be a powerful way to cleanse, clear and center, but how many of us have experienced the power of mantras and prayers? These are also tools that represent very powerful spiritual practices that can help us attune to our pure states of spiritual being. Even by simply repeating the names of God and other powerful words that resonate deeply with us, we can create transformational shifts in our realities that will very likely ripple into the realities of many around us as well.

There is not a single spiritual teacher or Master of any path or religion who has not recommended this practice in some form. The benefits of this practice are unbelievable. Gandhi chanted the name of God as Rama constantly throughout his life, and he said it was one of the absolute keys to his success. Sai Baba said repeating the name of God and visualizing His form is one of the main keys to spiritual success. The idea is to not just do it in meditation but to did it throughout your day, while doing laundry, showering, driving in the car or taking a walk. During the day, it is so simple and so beneficial to repeat the name of God or the word ‘love’ in any project that you are doing, dedicating it to the Highest Good. We can take any simple task and turn it into a dedication to that highest part of ourselves that is grateful for the gift of life.

Power of the Mind

The law of the mind is that thoughts create reality. Energy follows thought. When we chant the name of God, we eventually become that which we are chanting! If we repeat the name of God enough times, it has the effect of cleansing our physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to the point that they reflect only God. One of the greatest difficulties that people on the path experience is a wandering mind. I experience this myself, still more times then I notice. But when I do catch thoughts float by that are dark, or that represent a reality that I do not wish to experience, I immediately chant ‘DELETE, DELETE, DELETE’. Sometimes 3 times is enough to bring peace, and other times it takes more than 30 repetitions to erase the thought and its energetic imprint on me. But then it’s gone. This is an example of the power of self-observation, and a power it certainly is!

The chanting of the names of God can also keep our minds focused on higher vibrations. It is not that important whether you focus on visualizing God’s imagine in your mind’s eye, or on connecting to a feeling of peace or love that you create. This process of simply repeating words of such high frequency is enough. It is all that is needed to activate an automatic elevation in your vibration, and in turn, in the vibration of the world around you.

If our mind isn’t on God (whether consciously or unconsciously), then it is likely to float back to the lower self and the many needs of the personality of the little ‘i’. We must learn to focus our attention on the true part of the Self. The mind creates bondage, yet it also has the power to create liberation. This is equally true of the spoken word. Words can harm but words can also heal. Reflect on this…

Any time you feel negative emotions coming on or if you are feeling depressed or angry, try chanting the name of God. If you allow yourself, you will be lifted up faster than you can imagine into a place of greater peace and tranquility. You see, it is not that the process does not work for everyone. It is that we struggle so much, often viewing the world as a cold and difficult place full of obstacles and opposition, that we have come to believe that this is our natural state. So because this has become the color through which so many of us automatically perceive our experiences, it no longer feels natural to be in a state of peace and calm. Sometimes I rise into this wonderful state very quickly when chanting my personal mantras, and if I am far enough detached from the ‘little ‘i”s’, I notice that my first response is a very subtle sense of relief and relaxation, BUT this is very quickly followed by a fear that I have to be on guard and immediately my instinct is to get back into a protective stance. Or sometimes, I get the feeling that this peace is too good to be true and I should get back to a reality of pain. Watch yourself. If you catch yourself creating this same pattern, see it from a detached place of understanding and compassion, and then simply guide yourself back into that place of peace. When I have this interaction with my many facets, I sometimes feel like I’m trying to calm my inner child into coming back into the sun where the light is warm and nurturing. At first, I can understand that the light is overwhelming and if I’m not used to being in it, it can seem very bright. So why punish and judge our reactions? Instead, watch them as they happen from a place of higher knowing, and act accordingly from a place of greater understanding.

Names of God

A few suggestions of powerful words to chant are:

“I Am That I Am”
“I Am God”
“I Love”
“Be Still and Know I Am God”
“Elohim” (Meaning: ‘All That God Is’)
“Adonai” (Meaning: ‘Lord’ in the Kabbalah)
“El Shaddai” (Meaning: ‘God Almighty’)
“Jesus Christ”
“Holy Spirit”

The list can go on and on. The key is to use a powerful mantra or a name of God or of a Master that means something special to you; an entity to which you feel yourself drawn or a powerful expression which you find comforting.

As well as the names of God, there are also sacred sounds such as Aum and Om which are the mother of all mantras. These sounds can have a tremendously soothing effect if you are attuned to the range of their frequency. They can help guide your mind and your emotions to a place of quietude. I listen to my Om cd very often when I am facing an experience that frightens me or that makes me uneasy and what happens is that the sound organically brings me out of a place of fear and into a state of peaceful calm which in turn equips me with an improved mind-frame to be able to make clearer decisions. Much power is in this particular sound for it attunes the chanter or the listener to the sound of life intself, or in other words, to God. It brings both invigoration and calm. I believe that the invigoration comes from a state of greater awareness and this broadened consciousness is easily interpreted as a more ‘alert’ or ‘invigorated’ state. The amazing thing about mantras is that many of them exist in the highest dimensions and have been brought forth to humanity by the ancient Indian seers who hve actually heard these mantras clairaudiently.

Names of God can be chanted out loud, whispered, said silently in your mind or written down. Each has its own unique effect. The idea is to not become too mechanical in their recitation. Saying each word with worship and devotion to God empowers it to purify, cleanse and heal all of our bodies. When you chant the name of God, you are programming perfection into your subconscious mind, which then creates perfection in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is extremely important to build a strong subconscious mind because what we feed it is what we will manifest in our lives! It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so once we begin using loving visualizations and words of power each day, they will become part of the normal, natural way that we live. Thus, whenever we find ourselves in a stressful situation, it will become much easier to act positively and calmly rather than ‘reacting’ with out-of-control emotions and fear.

An Extra Boost

However, saying all of this to you,  I can also very much appreciate that life can become extremely complicated and sometimes we may want an extra boost of support from the heavens in order to get through the experiences without too many cuts and bruises. Sometimes, when life has drained a significant amount of our force and we have not been actively replenishing to keep up,  we may even get to a point where we feel that we can make it through the experiences, but at a cost to our bodies. Although I know that we are given only that which we can handle and not a drop more, it can sometimes feel that one thing after another is coming at us with growing intensity with no breaks in between to even catch our breath. In these situations, the power of mantras is invaluable because it is a way for us to refuel before the next battle and manifest a state of centeredness that will carry us even in the most fluctuating of times. I have been through some of these challenging cycles, and in the process, I have learned to use another tool that I would like to share with you now. When you feel spiritually tired and perhaps not quite sure if you can handle any more of what this life has to offer, take a breath, and begin to repeat the following:

“God, please heal my soul.”

The power of this mantra can even put you to sleep as you become enveloped by a feeling of mercy. It is as though you are being carried up on wings of divinity more beautiful than the mind can imagine. When we ask for this holy healing, we are actually asking for a healing that each and every one of us receives as we reenter our spiritual home once we leave our physical bodies. There is a process that follows the physical death in which the soul is placed in something similar to what we would call an incubator, and here the soul is supported through a mending process that helps it regenerate back to its fully recharged state. By asking for this process to take place while still in the physical vehicle, you are asking for a healing that incorporates so many levels of your essence that, in turn, you may wish to leave the body through the sleeping state in order to support this process.

What happens…

Chanting mantras helps to build our Light Body which is the body we will use in our ascended state. The more we chant words and sounds of high frequency, the more the energies of the words become the center of our consciousness and protect us from lower vibrations. The mantra is like the seed that will eventually grow into a beautiful tree – the tree being symbolic of God-realization. The ultimate purpose of reciting the names of God is to blend our individual consciousness with God consciousness, thus becoming aware of our true nature as the eternal self. By praying or chanting, we are using ‘the word’ as a co-creator with God, thereby intoning the highest possible vibrational frequencies. Everything is energy, and these spiritual practices assist us in raising our frequencies to a higher state of Light and Love.

For example, if you chant the divine word of ‘Elohim’, which means ‘All That God Is’, then you are attracting to yourself all that which is God. Chant God’s name as you are falling asleep and you will float in your soul body to the dimension and consciousness of the name you are reciting, since where you go when you fall asleep depends on the last thought in your mind. The constant practice of this most holy spiritual discipline builds enormous spiritual force and power in your aura which can then be used as a blessing upon every person you meet…thus we can literally change the world around us!

Can you imagine how you would feel if you could harness the tremendous force of your mind and channel it into a spiritual focus only? Imagine if you used your mind constantly, 24 hours a day, to focus on loving thoughts, words of power and caring emotions…your every thought, word and deed would be of divine origin! This is the ideal – to let your entire life on Earth be an affirmation of God, which is who you really are!

There are so many spiritual disciplines available for each of us to become more balanced and loving and to help us ascend and evolve into higher beings of Light. We can use our meditations, our prayers, spiritual reading, daily positive affirmations, journal writing and physical fitness to help us achieve that inner knowingness and peace. It is also beneficial for us to enjoy spiritual music that soothes our soul and to sing to our heart’s content as this also creates a feeling of joy and bliss for our soul. It is important to create variety in our spiritual disciplines for we need to make the journey interesting and joyful. Just as we are good to our physical bodies, we need to feed good spiritual food to our minds and to our spirits.

A final note…

One of the keys to spiritual and wordly success is understanding the importance of where we put our attention. Where our attention lies is literally where we live…so why not keep our focus on training our minds and bodies to seek inner peace and joy through the various spiritual practices available to us that have been proven to change the world!? This is OUR journey and we have the responsibility to ourselves to be the best that we can be! These many ideas can help us have fun along the way. Let’s stop making excuses that we are too busy or do not have enough time for these practices. We can make these a priority and change our lives…NOW!

All of the above serve as healing balms, not only to us, but to the world itself, as these sounds, words, mantras and prayers move through us and out into the etheric, astral and mental atmospheres. The choice lies with us whether we are going to use words and thoughts to hurt or to heal. It is my fervent prayer that each of us chooses to use the power of thought, word and deed in order to cause as much healing as possible within ourselves and upon the planet. Because whether we recognize it or not, we all really need it!