Musing from the beyond…

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…unless of course, I decide to let them.

I’m sitting before the panel again. It’s come time to make some choices about my next assignment. My Guide is standing next to me, as always the pillar of calm, strength, clarity and wisdom. I’ve been working a lot at honing my skills and developing some new ones that will help me in this next life. I realize now what I missed last time around. I think I know what to do this time. I’m so blessed to be given another chance.

Whenever any of us up here are told that we’re ready to go back, a sequence of events is initiated to ensure we’re ready when the moment comes. I’m at the point where I have to meet with the Masters and choose some specific experiences that I will have to go through in this next life. The panel will present me with some choices – all designed to prepare me for my next steps toward a higher level of initiation. We’ll also talk about contracts today. You know, those agreements you get into with other souls before you enter into your new body; the ones you all agree to take part in and that no matter what happens, you all have to go through. Anyway, that’s what today is about. Finalizing the cornerstones of my next life on Earth.

I heard something funny once when I was observing some humans. A guy was talking about his perception of this process of choosing experiences and signing contracts. He said it wasn’t fair that we are asked to make such important choices while we’re in our state of bliss. He said that if we knew how those experiences would really feel, we probably wouldn’t agree to them in the first place. Yes, it is true that we eventually attain a state of bliss when we return home, but even when we are embodied, we have a direct connection with home whenever we want it. It is just a case of learning to cultivate that connection – something he hadn’t learned yet.

During my last life, I was meant to develop an experiential as well as a mental understanding of the concept of free will. I brought with me the conscious awareness of pre-destined experiences and sacred contracts, and although I didn’t completely grasp these concepts, I knew from within that I had made choices long ago that were impacting the life I was leading in that body. What I struggled with though, was an acceptance of the relationship between free will and destiny. I walked through a great part of that life asking myself, “How can we have any power to choose when all our choices have already been made?”

Nearing the end of that life, I began to realize that although certain experiences were pre-destined, the way that we choose to respond to those experiences is completely up to us. We have the free will to choose how we perceive each and every experience. And these choices are what dictate how we develop and grow in each life.

Even though I can explain the concept of this lesson to myself, it still isn’t a lesson that I have completely enveloped with my heart, so I shall continue on my journey of understanding in this next life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the Masters are waiting…

How to tie your shoes…


How do you think the instructions would read? Do you think tying your shoes is a complicated task? At this stage of my life, I think it’s pretty easy, but I see toddlers trying their hand at pulling and tucking and twisting those laces with no success and I realize that not everything is easy for everyone.

Instructions on how to tie your shoes would be pages and pages long. They would have to describe what was right and what was left, how to hold the laces, wear to pull them and how to twist them. In the end, the instructions would require diagrams and footnotes and references and possibly even appendices. All for what? To teach you how to do what you will eventually learn on your own.

Instructions all share a common element. They always tell you what someone else already knows. Reading a set of instructions is essentially like reading someone else’s success story. No matter how many times you read them and how well you memorize them, instructions will never do the work for you. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the instructions because until you realize the concept as your reality, it’s still someone else’s story.

It is possible to remember something about Yourself by living vicariously through the experiences of others, but that only brings you a certain amount of the way. Someone else’s words can help us create an environment that stimulates our memories, but if we don’t have a pair of shoes on our feet, there’s not much point in reading the instructions on how to tie the laces.

All that we experience in this world is meant to remind us, not to teach us. The concept of ‘schooling’ does not apply. We have the power to create new truths and to challenge limited thinking but first we have to put down the instructions, and learn to walk without shoes.

Learning to walk

How do we learn to walk? We change our behavior. Think about it! If we’re not doing something right, why not try changing what we’re doing! Change is not scary! Change is natural! What is scary is looking at all those people desperately trying to hold on to something that no longer has a place in their lives. The Universe has a way of blowing strong winds our way to help loosen our grip on what no longer benefits us. But instead of taking the hint and letting go of precisely that which is damaging us the most, we sometimes continue to resist until the day comes when there’s no more time to play around, and we have to make a choice, one way or another. Reaching this stage isn’t always pleasant.

When change happens, it often feels like it happens all at once. It can feel unfair and overwhelming but why does something so natural and inevitable feel so uncomfortable? Well, look at it this way: Imagine a wild bull racing down a gravel road, bucking and kicking and making violent noises. All it wants to do is get away…but from what? It’s actually trying to get away from you! You see, while this wild animal is trying to shake you off, you are fervently holding on to its tail as it flails you from side to side, bashing you against the stony dirt road. You have two options. You can either hold on to the animal that you now know as your only reality, or you can let go and see what happens.

People tend to do something very amusing at this stage of the process. They often convince themselves that holding on to the bull is the right choice and rationalize that the pain and suffering they’re going through as their bones break and their body bleeds is an almighty sacrifice that only the strong-willed can endure. If you ever find yourself reasoning in this direction, get a glass of water and splash it in your face! You’ve obviously forgotten to WAKE UP and your deep sleep is making you delusional!

Pain and suffering are misinterpreted. They are not representations of your growth and development. They are rather techniques that you create to avoid dealing with what is staring you in the face. If you just let go of your false sense of safety and realize that what you believe to be your security is actually your greatest delusion, you’ll stop being thrown around by emotional ups and downs and finally give yourself the opportunity to heal and move on.

Getting a pair of shoes

Once you make the decision to learn the basics of walking, it may seem like you are walking around barefoot for years. We inevitably feel like we’re ready for the next stage of development and begin complaining about our situation. Something to remember is that at any point in our lives, we never see the whole picture and we can be sure that somewhere in the Universe, something is being affected by our actions and all we can do is to continue on our path with open eyes, paying attention to the signs of change, and being flexible when it comes time to alter our behavior. In other words, all we can do is go with the flow! If we’re not flexible when that strong wind of change blows our way, we run the risk of breaking in half.

Along your path of barefoot walking, it may also feel like you’ve read all the lessons, discussed them at length with various people who share your passion to improve, and yet you still keep encountering the same uncomfortable situations or people that never seem to go away, no matter how compassionate you try to be or how determined you are to learning whatever it is that you’re not getting. In these cases, patience is your only graceful option. Most of us aren’t capable of understanding all the intricate details of what goes on in the Universe, so all we can do is trust that when the time is right and we are truly ready, we will get a new lesson or start a new project and our interest will again be peaked. But remember, if you ever feel lost, just ask for divine guidance and listen.

Transitions are almost never obvious to the person transitioning. People around you may notice a change in you, but often they won’t be able to clearly understand the difference in you unless they’ve been through a similar process already. When you shift into a new level of understanding, you may feel empowered, but often the reaction is one of tiredness and surrender. It’s at the moment when you let go of the bull’s tail that you are rewarded for your courage to step into the unknown. The reward can come in the form of a massive shift in your understanding of how things work, but it can be so subtle that it often takes time and distance from the situation to really see what happened. The reason for the subtly is that throughout your journey to learn how to walk, you have been growing and learning to use new tools to assist you on your path. With each step that you had the courage to take, you gained a new answer to a question you did not know you had. That is why you didn’t recognize the treasure in the wisdom you were receiving at the time.

Only when we know the answer do we become aware of the question. You can be sure that all the questions you are asking yourself right now will not lead you to the truth you are ultimately seeking. That is why we spend so long on this path. We are so often distracted by the illusory 5 Earthly senses that we forget that the truth lies in that which cannot be seen, felt, tasted, touched or heard. It comes in only one way and that way is through silence.

Silencing the noise of the outside world will lead you to the silence of your inner world. In the beginning it may seem like there is more noise and distraction in your head than on a Manhattan street in midweek, but that’s just the residue of the world outside. Take some times to unplug the drain and let all the chaos flow out. You’ll be left with a glorious nothing and that’s when the answers that you never knew you wanted will start revealing themselves. It takes patience and courage to go through this draining process, but most of all, it takes discipline because each day that you live your life, you contribute more to the chaos in your head. Once you get used to draining it, you unconsciously begin filtering through it during the day too. You get used to the feeling of emptiness and peace within and you remind yourself how to maintain the environment not only in your quiet time, but also through your busy day. This is what change brings. When we are receptive and flexible to be guided through the natural flow of things rather then by what seems rational, life gets easier.

Once walking bare foot gets easy, you somehow find yourself waking one morning next to a new pair of shoes. You’ll notice that the shoes don’t look as big and complicated as you thought they would. You will also appreciate the value of various parts of the shoes like the sturdy soles that will seem so useful to you now that you have walked with exposed feet and know the hazards that may be encountered on the roads. Through your experiences, you discovered things that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate from the written word.

Nothing matters

When I came to the realization – not the understanding but rather the ‘knowing’ – that I am not my body but instead that I AM a limitless, boundless, and timeless SOUL living a human experience, everything else started to make sense…including ‘Nothing Matters’.

‘Nothing Matters’ encompasses the concept of attachment. For example, if you believe that you are nothing without that perfect person, if you believe that you are worthless and would never be able to get along in this world without that perfect man or woman, what you are really saying is that you are attached to the idea of the perfect dependable partner because you do not believe that you are limitless, boundless and self-sufficient, totally powerful in your own right. Through this attachment, you have empowered this idea or this person by giving up your own power. If instead, you apply the concept of nothing matters, than all the fears that lead you to believe that you need someone else to survive disappear. You no longer spend time considering what would happen if you were alone, because the idea of ‘alone’ wouldn’t even exist – you would see it as another cry from your ego to make you afraid.

Our Souls are trapped in a time/space reality just for the benefit of experience. By applying ‘Nothing Matters’, the experience of being here becomes not only bearable but actually peaceful.

Resistance is released.
Passion surfaces.
Purpose is uncovered.

Does purpose matter? That is your choice. The concept of ‘nothing matters’ says only one thing: you make your own choices. Other people’s judgments don’t matter. Your judgments don’t matter. Your choice is made regardless of whether you doubt yourself or not. Nothing matters because this is all an illusion. I am not fat and short. I am so much more encompassing than that. I am not female and blond. My skin color is not me. None of that matters.

“Nothing Matters” opens your EYES to everything around you, not just what you see in front of your nose, or on your schedule for the day. ‘Nothing Matters’ represents a consciousness or an understanding that we are all limitless beings, capable of anything and everything!!

All you have to do is decide what you want to do with the power that is yours. Do you choose to empower manifestations of fear or do you choose another path? There is no right or wrong because in fact…nothing matters! Judgments…nope, they don’t matter!

We are only observers, because the real experiencer, the real thinker is our Soul, going through local space, and past, present, and future time experiences to grow and to evolve. Our body, physical, mental, and emotional, our mind and intelligence are only the tools of the soul to get that experience. I say ‘only’ because to give these things more credit would empower them while taking power away from me.

Let me for a moment get into the topic of free will versus destiny.

It may seem like a contradiction to say that we have free will to create our existences but at the same time, before we came here we decided to go through specific situations that we cannot now choose not to go through. Let’s look at this for a minute. Assuming that this is what actually happened, and that we did in fact agree to experience some predetermined things in this life, it is important to understand to what we actually agreed. We only agreed to take part in the experience. We did not predetermine how we are to experience the experience. In other words:

We always have the choice to decide how we want to respond to experience.

That is the key in determining how our existence unfolds. Empower yourself by owning your choices, taking command of your journey. None of this matters because essentially we will all get to the end result. The question is only how you CHOOSE to get there. If you choose to take a passive role and see yourself as indestructible because the ending is inevitable, that is your choice. Take a moment if you wish and just remember that for each cause, there is an effect. You are free to make your choices, but ignorance of their consequences is not a defense. It is up to you how you choose to live your life.

Only you look through your eyes.
Only you see the world the way you do.

If you choose to see yourself as being harmed, then that will be your reality. On the other hand, if you choose not to see yourself as harmed, your thoughts and perceptions will accommodate this alternate reality for you. Nothing that you experienced matters in the end whether you see yourself as harmed or not. Nothing matters. Even the choice that you make about whether you are hurt or not doesn’t matter because the way you define yourself here is not an all-encompassing definition of who you are.

It is about perception.
It is about experience.
Have fun with life!! Enjoy it!! Life is not a serious thing….it’s freedom if you choose to look at it that way.
Always your choice…