California’s Vibe

numerologysmallI’ve been working on developing a section of the site dedicated to exploring the concepts and ideas presented in numerology. It’s 8.17am on a rainy and grey January morning, and I just finished publishing the last page. The last section on which I worked, and the one that seems to take the longest, was the part focusing on Place Numbers. Since I happen to be in California right now and I’m still trying to get a sense of the place and what life looks like here, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to exploring California’s vibe.

californiaCalifornia’s Namechart, as well as its Whole Name, Vowel and Consonant Numbers are shown below. The calculations that we’ll do here are only based on this place’s Whole Name, Vowel and Consonant Numbers but you are also provided with its Namechart in case you want to conduct a deeper analysis of how this location would/does affect you by comparing your Birthchart and your Namechart to its Namechart, as well as taking a look at the Missing Numbers to determine any specific karma of the location. I haven’t gone into depth with analyzing how my charts and numbers mingle with California’s, but I will…one day…hopefully soon…when there’s time…hopefully!



Your mission while living here…
[taken from the place’s Whole Name Number]

Your mission while living here would be to develop your mental powers for the benefit of others. You would have to learn to distinguish the true from the false, to seek out the hidden mysteries of life, to think, observe and try to understand, to enjoy solitude and silence, and to teach others your moral philosophies so that they may benefit from your wisdom.

You would have to remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Your danger lies in becoming so involved in spiritual matters that you lose touch with reality.

The way you would see your life here…
[taken from the place’s Vowel Number]

You will feel that you have a lot to live up to while living here because you will be called upon to deal with things that will seem to be on a very large scale. Having said that, the energy here is aligned to support you in your endeavors and there is no reason why you should not succeed.

You will be given many opportunities while here to learn how to understand the needs and emotions of other people. Once you master this, you will be able to bring out the best in them and channel it to your mutual advantage.

At times, you may feel that you are called upon to give more than you are prepared to give, and in these cases – when your approach to life is not fully from the heart – the rewards and honors you could achieve could escape you.

The way others would see your life here…
[taken from the place’s Consonant Number]

The way others would see your life here isn’t necessarily the way that you would perceive your stay, but it is important to consider external appearances because they dictate what would be expected of you by those around you and in turn, this could influence your behavior.

People in California would see you as someone who emanates strength and power. You would often appear larger than life and resemble the cartoon concept of the successful big businessman or tycoon – even down to the big cigar! Your appearance would conjure up thoughts of commerce, authority and material success. You would also appear to others to carry your successful, material image into your clothing and tend to wear expensive and exclusive clothes and accessories. Negative aspects of the way others would see you are that you may be judged as someone who tends to go over the top with your desire to impress and some may think you are loud, flashy and vulgar.

Remember, these results are not to say that everyone who lives in the US will feel this way. What they do reveal are the dominant vibrations for this country, so from a general perspective, people living here are influenced by these specific resonances.

One final aspect of the place analysis that we’ll look at here is what the Letters of Significance have to tell us about this location.


C – represents ‘energy’.

Good-humored – cheerful, willing, genial, light-hearted, carefree.
Extravagant – lavish, liberal, unthrifty, improvident, spendthrift.
Dexterous – skillful, proficient, handy, versatile, an all-rounder.
Orator – eloquent, outspoken, a speech-maker, a talker.
An organizer – planner, promoter, engineer, inventor.
Impulsive – spontaneous, impatient, spur of the moment actions.
A negative C can be shameless, negligent, inattentive, immoral, unscrupulous, careless and unprincipled.

A – represents ‘the head’.

Determination – exertion, will-power, resolution, intent, purpose.
Enterprise – lavish, liberal, unthrifty, improvident, spendthrift.
Courage – boldness, audacity, daring, self-reliance.
When A is the first vowel in a name this points to a great interest in life in general and an independent nature. When three As or more appear in the name, this tips the balance and points to selfishness. A negative A can be a very critical person who is skeptical about everything and sneers at the efforts of others.

I – represents ‘law’.

Elegant – stylish, tasteful, sensitive, artistic.
Warm-hearted – helpful, kind, loving, unselfish.
Impulsive – instinctive, intuitive, inspirational.
Gentle – compassionate, humane, tender, considerate.
A negative I can be nervous, lack confidence, be timid, hesitant and fearful or quick to anger, bad-tempered, impatient and easily offended.

If you have ever spent any extended period of time in California, do you think the picture depicted by the general analysis of its numbers aligns with your perceptions and experiences?

An introduction to Reiki

Reiki SymbolRei meaning “a ray of light” or “universal soul” and Ki meaning “universal life force energy” or “radiating energy”.

When the Japanese characters are combined, they present the concept of “universal life-force energy”.

The history of Reiki is a story of a man discovering his ability to connect to a powerful source of energy and transferring it through himself to others.  Over time, Reiki has become known to many as a healing art.  People associate it with a therapy that involves the ‘laying of hands’ on the body and healing physical ailments.  In many ways, these things are true, but Reiki encompasses much more, and you will learn as you begin to experience the process, that there are many unspoken benefits that must simply be experienced in order to be understood.

What Reiki Does

Reiki works on all levels affecting us. It will naturally begin to assist you in releasing limiting belief structures about yourself and the world around you. Instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, you begin to embrace every aspect of the now and live in the moment. Emotional outbursts stabilize, and you become less vulnerable to the shifts of your ego personality. Your motives and the motives of others become clearer, and you better understand how things happen for a reason. Your thoughts don’t run aimlessly in your mind and you learn how to focus energy specifically on those thoughts that you want to become your reality. Those affected by increased flows of energy often choose to no longer allow fear to run their lives and they gradually detach from dependencies.

When you integrate your mind, body and spirit into one harmonious flow of energy, you begin to leave behind the fears and ego-centred motives of a world of pain, and enter into a higher state of consciousness that brings health and prosperity to all facets of your life.


Reiki speeds the mending and recovery process.

Everything is energy. Your body is simply energy. If there is a blockage through which energy cannot flow freely, an imbalance exists. Your body will (at first) gently tell you that you have created an imbalance by exhibiting pain. When you sense pain, you can choose to ignore it or to heal it. You can also choose to recognize that your body has communicated an imbalance, and with the ability to tap into a greater flow of energy, you can choose to rebalance yourself. When you bring balance back to yourself, any imbalance that existed is released.


Reiki relieves stress (stress=imbalance), and softens a crisis mentality by alleviating the mental pressure without losing the integral importance of the lesson.

What does that mean?
You will see things differently. You will begin to see a bigger picture of any situation: your point of view, the perspective of others, and any other factors that are involved in any situation. You will understand why you are creating your thoughts, the way they develop and how to identify them consciously before you freely release them. You will notice that you have more choice about what you think and do because you will be able to approach any situation at a slower speed (so to speak) and decide what to do before you are in the middle of things and feel like there is no way out.

You will understand why people act the way they do. You will find it easier to be compassionate and understanding. You will catch yourself in a moment of wakelessness and see that you always have the choice to do what benefits the Highest Good. You will ultimately be able to understand why things happen the way they do, and what you can learn from every experience.


Reiki helps to resolve tangled emotions and purifies your emotional state of being.

Your emotions are a very big part of who you are. Sometimes it’s tricky to maintain a balanced emotional state, and there are even people who ‘loose their mind’ because they let their emotions run wild. Reiki helps harmonize emotions in two ways. When participating in a session, you subconsciously train your thoughts to calm your emotions. This will allow you to identify your emotions clearly, sensing which feel right and which feel out of place. The unconscious process that takes place when you tap into a more powerful energy flow also works on balancing you while you sleep. The process is gentle and healing.


Reiki opens us to the presence of the divine. Aligning us with our spirits is one of Reiki’s most profound affects. The process attunes us to our own spiritual being and puts us in harmony with the Creative power.

What does that mean?
This is the most abstract benefit of Reiki. To explain this concept, let us work from the outside in. You have a body, but you are not your body. When you have a feeling about something, or when a creative idea comes into your mind it is not because your finger or your knee told you so. Thoughts of inspiration and guidance come from a very special place. They come from the real you, that little voice inside of you that is heard only when you are still enough to listen. Reiki creates a clearer connection to the real you, connecting you more closely to your spiritual self.

The beneficial affects of Reiki are only limited by the person who is receiving. When you realize the limitless potential of Reiki, there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving what you now see as the impossible.


20090122 postMantras are short prayers or invocations. The original mantras came from the Indian Buddhist and contemporary Hindu religions. The word itself is derived from two Sanskrit words: “manas” meaning ‘mind’ and “trai” meaning to ‘free from’. If we are free from our minds, we are free from our egos and the part of us that is drawn to fear and limitation. When you invoke these ancient spiritual tools, you call forth abundant energy to assist you.

A mantra can be spoken out loud, but is also effective when repeated in silence. When saying a mantra out loud, it is beneficial to say it deliberately with intent. The energy that you put into the words creates sound waves that stimulate healing, clarity and spiritual growth. By projecting your intent through sound, your energy begins vibrating at a different level to correspond with the vibration of the mantra. After repeating a mantra over days and weeks, you can change your frequency and uplift yourself to feel more empowered.

Each time you invoke a mantra, try repeating it at least three times. Feel free to repeat a mantra as many times as you wish throughout the day. The amount of times a mantra is repeated is not as important as what intent is put forth during an invocation.

Mantras may seem short and simplistic. You may think that you already know what the mantra is saying, or that you already adopt its principles into your daily life. It may be true that you have mastered some, but all of us have work to do on ourselves – that is one of the reasons why we are here. Remember, that the simplest of tools are often the most powerful.

With that, you are invited to explore the mantras of Divine Guidance, Empowerment and Preservation, and to adopt them into your lives if they feel right to you.