picture-3Back in January,  I wrote a post based on an article I read in the first 2009 issue of O Magazine. This afternoon, I found a torn out page from the magazine Oprah - O Magazineon my desk with some of my notes on it and it reminded me that I had read something else in that issue that moved me. Timothy Hutton (p.57) was reflecting upon an aha moment he had in his life and he wrote, “…I realized I didn’t have anywhere I actually needed to be; therefore, it was time to be somewhere else.” I’m not sure I agree…

I’ve moved around a lot in the short time I’ve spent renting room on this planet, and not just the kind of moving around that backpacking adventurers do during a summer of freedom. No, the kind of moving I decided to do was a bit more expensive, emotionally arduous and uprooting – I moved my home many times, changed addresses, purchased mailboxes, rerouted phone numbers, the whole lot.  If there was a reward program for Ikea customers I’d have the international platinum account! And I’ve done it more than once.

Why am I bringing this up? Because moving around means that at some point, you’re faced with the “cliff moment” – there are either two places you can go if you find yourself on the edge of a proverbial cliff: either jump off the cliff into the unknown and just do your best to keep the faith that you made the right decision, or start retreating from the edge and go back to what you know. When faced with that decision, you may find yourself wondering what there is to gain, and what there is to loose. In the process, you might ask yourself, “Is there anything left for me here? Do I have any unfinished business left to complete?” Reading Hutton’s statement brought me back to the cliff moments in my life and got me reflecting on how I see myself and the world around me when faced with those questions.

How do you know whether there is anywhere you actually need to be? The only way I can imagine answering that question is by looking deep within myself and listening to see if you hear from that little voice – intuition – because asking myself whether I still have appointments to make or whether I’m willing to leave a good friend behind just doesn’t seem to generate the ‘right’ kind of answer.

How do we know whether there’s somewhere we actually need to be? How can we know whether there’s someone out there, either in a nearby city or in the apartment right next to ours who needs help that we are able to give? How do we know? So many of us have become so focused on ourselves and on how to survive the times that we have completely forgotten to ask how we can help. It scares me sometimes. Am I losing my faith in humanity? Or am I coming to an age where these questions are naturally on one’s mind? I don’t know…

But what I feel is that if we ask for guidance, become and remain open to divine intervention for the Highest Good and act when the Universe requests our assistance, then perhaps we will discover a purpose where we didn’t think one existed… Or perhaps not, but that process of deep reflection and openness to whatever answers come from within is important, I think. Perhaps…we might just discover a new reason for being…wherever that may be…

So tell me, how can I help?

Charlie Rose and Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama)

dalailama-video-wordsA conversation where science, art, education and politics are discussed within the context of spirituality.

“I’m nothing special. I’m just like you.”

Along the side of this post, I’ve included words – words that resonated strongly with me as I watched this video. This is an interesting exercise to perform with someone else, with 2 or more observers. You see, we all see the world through our own eyes. No one sees the same way. We all create our own perceptions of each and every thing we experience. These perceptions are created out of all the other experiences we’ve had, all the choices and judgments we’ve made and all the understandings and concepts we’ve collected throughout all of our lifetimes. So, why not share our perceptions? In this case, while watching the video, and in other cases in our lives? Listening to other people’s perceptions could not only teach us tolerance, acceptance, patience, and understanding, but it could also help us open our eyes to the illusion of all that is around us. What is real is connection. Let’s connect. What words resonated with you while you watched this video?

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The end of the world…as we know it.

The Florida Sunshine!

A lot of people have heard about the theories of the end of the world that are predicted to take place in 2012. The fear effect is like a huge snowball, rolling down a mammoth mountain, collecting more and more fear based beliefs with each tumble. It is easy to get caught up in the fear in all the theories, in all the worries, in all the predictions. People talk, and talking manifests more fear and misunderstanding.

Yes, Earth is going through a fundamental period of transformation. Maybe it can be said that the world is ending – AS WE KNOW IT – but that doesn’t mean that it will explode or implode one day and we will all be gone, the end. It doesn’t mean that at all.

What transformation does imply is change. Change can be scary. Change is all about going into the unknown and not looking back. It is about having courage. The magical thing about change is that it comes through the process of evolution – of improvement – or growth and greater awareness. What served us back then no longer serves us now. We have grown out of our baby shoes and it is time to put on a new pair, with thicker soles and stronger laces that will support us as we take on new challenges that will allow us to contribute that much more.

This process of releasing what no longer serves us to make room for the new is what this planet is going through right now. We are going through a cleansing. A renewal. Many of the systems, the infrastructures, the organizations and the collectives that have been given the power to manage our world are no long relevant. They are no longer equipped with the right tools to take us to where we’re going next. That’s why we are witnessing the collapse of industries, economic and political powers.

With transformation comes the inherent shifting of energy. Unemployment is at record highs in certain fields for a reason. Our needs are shifting. New industries are sprouting. Those that were having a hard time finding a place in the old structure are now blossoming. Take this as an opportunity to reevaluate yourself, your dreams, your desires, your passions. What inspires you? What have you ALWAYS wanted to do but never let yourself explore? What guilt are you carrying around with you about not living out your dreams? This is the time to act on your Soul’s Desire. This is the time to take active part in the transformation.

Yes, the world is ending – the world as we know it. What is being born out of the rubble is a new vision of the home to which we’ve been praying to return. Heaven on Earth – that is what the transformation is all about. Dare to have the courage to create you Heaven right now.

This is the time for opportunity, not for fear.

Here’s more about this transformation from Lightworkers:

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More about the “Afraid of the Dark” broadcast that they talk about in the video above can be found here.