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Good and Evil

Some of you may know that many of the teachings that I offer you through this site come from a soul very dear to me. He was a man of great spiritual proportions (and as I write this, I hear him laughing that he was grand on the physical scale too!). He offered classes to […]

Self Healing with Christine Day

I have just shared in an experience that has left me humbled and confused. I have, just seconds ago, finished a self healing with the aid of Christine Day. I watched 3 video clips that she has made available on her website of a healing experience she facilitated at an event in Saint Paul, MN […]

David Icke – Avebury – May 2007

The following is a series of short videos that David Icke recorded in Avebury, England in May 2007. What he discusses is exceptionally powerful. Listen to the message behind the words…