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What is energy?

The first ever mention of energy and its power as a life giving force can be dated back to 500 B.C. when the Pythagoreans wrote of a light that had the potency to produce various changes in the human body, including the cure of disease. Over 5000 years of ancient Indian spiritual tradition speaks of […]

Steps to Illumination

What you will find below is a very powerful tool. You may choose to refer to it as a reminder, to use it as a daily exercise, or to consider it a methodology to which to aspire. Try reading across the rows as if you were reading a book. Do you notice a pattern? Can […]

Energetic culture…

I read somewhere recently that it’s official: we, as a globally connected society, have become more of an energetic culture than a physically-based culture. The sentiment stimulated many responses from me. Most of all, it made me feel better about myself! The life I lead is becoming more and more electronic and less rooted in […]