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Awakening to the Resonance

A magical thing happened to me this morning. It’s actually still happening to me now as I write this post. You see, I decided to dedicate some of my attention today to going through messages in my inbox; messages that have been waiting for me for some time now; messages that I wasn’t ready for […]

Why Evil is Part of God’s Creation

Today’s message is one that reflects some of the private conversations that so many of us have had with God. Whether we pray on our knees, talk to ourselves while driving, or cry quietly and simply ask ‘Why?’, today’s message touches on many of the questions that we so often don’t know how to answer, […]

Knowledge holds the Light

What is in me is what you reflect for me. What is reflected in you is revealed through me. Like the glassy surface of a still lake, You show me who I Am. We are each one another’s mirrors. See me, and you will see yourself, Judge me and you simply judge yourself. There are […]