The Superconscious Mind

Recently we have been discussing the various aspects of the mind. First, we looked at the nature of the conscious mind, noting it’s function as the gatekeeper of all energy that can enter into deeper levels of our mind. The conscious mind is our rational reasoning agent and it uses logic to make sense of our experiences. The subconscious mind is another facet of our mind. It is the filing system that stores all the energetic matter that the conscious mind allows to path through its gate. All energies like thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, memories and beliefs are filed away in the subconscious mind and these bits of information are pulled out by the conscious mind whenever we need to access them.

Now we turn to the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind is the spiritual mind. It is also known as the Higher Self. This mind is the 20091014-higherselfall-knowing mind that can be contacted through meditation, through some dreams, through journaling, and through intuition.

When we both talk to God and also listen to God, we begin the spiritual practice of asking God for what we both want and desire and then accepting that it has been done once we have made the request. The outcome is then accepted, whatever it may be. Using the superconscious mind requires a great deal of trust and faith. God, through our Higher Self, hears and answers all prayers. How, when and in what form He answers them depends on how we adhere to the Universal Laws of manifestation in our lives. Why do it alone when we can use our superconscious mind and work with God?

It is of vital importance for us to learn to use the powers contained within our three minds in unity with each other, for then we will begin to bring forth all that we truly wish to manifest in this life. Therefore, it is important for us not only to understand how our minds work, but also how to use them effectively. We are powerful beings in control of our manifestations. We must, however, work with all that we are given and all that is available to us.


  1. […] The subconscious mind can be understood as the non-reasoning mind. Rather than using reasoning power as the conscious mind does, the subconscious mind operates at a more basic, instinctive level and also serves as the memory bank that files every thought, feeling, memory, habit pattern, desire and instinct that we posses. Since it works 24 hours a day, storing all that we think and feel, it is a very powerful source of either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ usage, depending on what we have filed in it. Sometimes when we think we’re using our intuition, we’re actually accessing information already stored in out subconscious mind that we acquired in a previous experience, but intuition actually comes from other sources, one of which is the superconscious mind. […]

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