Summary of the Minds


Understanding our minds is essential in order to be able to manifest in our lives. It is the key to becoming conscious co-creators with God. With the Law of Manifestation, we understand that everything is energy. If we understand this natural principle, then we get what we want in our lives by learning to use our precious energy to manifest what we desire by transferring this energy from one reality to another.

We do this with our minds. The mind is a process, not an organ in the body, whereas the brain is the sensitive instrument of the mind. Each of us possess only one mind, but it is important to recognize it as having three main levels, or aspects of itself: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind.

A brief outline of what we have been discussing lately follows as a summary aid which you are welcome to refer back to as you progress in your work on the path:

The Conscious Mind20091014-gate

  • Our “reasoning mind”
  • Utilized through use of our personal power and will
  • Used through physical action
  • Programmer of our subconscious mind – we decide what we feed our subconscious by being aware of our thoughts 24 hours a day on a conscious level (by pushing out the negative and reaffirming the positive)
  • Called the “captain of our ship”
  • Referred to as the “President of our Personality”
  • It’s task is to use its power of reasoning and discernment in all that we do
  • Also referred to as the “gardener” who plants seeds into the subconscious and whatever is planted is what will grow!

The Subconscious Mind20091015-files

  • Our “non-reasoning mind”
  • Operates on a more instinctive level
  • Serves as a memory bank for every thought, feeling, habit and desire that we possess
  • “As above, so below” – what we think and imagine in our subconscious mind is what we will draw to ourselves in our outer world
  • Subconscious mind does whatever it is programmed to do
  • Think of it as our “servant” – it will supply us with whatever we need as long as we program it correctly
  • Most dreams are created through the subconscious mind
  • Our physical body will reflect whatever we put into the subconscious. If we worry about getting an illness, chances are that we will create one through constant thought energy, manifesting in the physical.
  • Stores our habits, both good and bad
  • Stores our developed abilities (e.g.: how to ride a bike)
  • Use of affirmations is critical in forming a positive and strong subconscious mind

The Superconscious Mind20091014-higherself

  • Our “Spiritual Mind” or “Higher Self”
  • Our all-knowing mind
  • Allows higher level thinking and knowing
  • Is the origin of most creativity
  • Attuned to Cosmic Will
  • Contacted through meditation, some dreams and intuition
  • Brings us inner peace and true joy
  • When we focus our energies on loving, generous intentions, our superconscious mind will provide us with the continuous flow of ideas and creative energy to help move us closer to our goals

We must utilize our three mind aspects, working in harmony and in unity with one another if we are to become conscious co-creators with God!

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