An Introduction to Manifestation


Everything is energy!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed!

How many times have we all heard those statements throughout our spiritual journeys? We all manifest energy at the physical and spiritual level every single day. We expend our energy and we gain new energy. We hoard our energy and we give our energy away. When we work on a project we expend energy in useful ways. When we meditate, we also create positive energy in our lives. On the flip side, when we worry or stress over an experience, we let our precious energy drain out of our body, which can lead to negative thoughts, sickness and out-of-balance emotions. Life is a continuous ebb and flow of energy, and the more we learn and understand about the importance of using our energy in beneficial ways, the quicker we can evolve spiritually.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. This tells us that all our behaviors, thoughts and actions produce either positive or negative results. Every cause creates an effect, and every effect has its origin in a cause. Let’s take this a step further now. When we understand how the Law of Cause and Effect works in our lives, we can begin to incorporate the Law of Manifestation into our lives. Just as we reap what we sow within the Law of Karma, through the Law of Manifestation we work with natural principles and laws in order to translate energy from one level of reality to another. Since all is energy, and energy seeks its own balance and vibration, so does what we send out around us come back into our lives magnified! For this reason, it is imperative that we truly grasp and understand the power that we posses. We have the power to create and manifest all that we desire and deserve. However, in order to truly be able to manifest for ourselves, we must understand the importance of our conscious mind, our subconscious mind and our superconscious mind in this process and how each works. So before we get deeper into the Law of Manifestation, read through the information here about the three levels of the mind so that you’re familiar with the mechanisms that allow them to work with one another, and with us as co-creators.

We ‘have’ and ‘are’ everything already

We have heard for years in our spiritual studies that we ‘are’ and ‘have’ everything already. However, sometimes when we are in the throes of a difficult situation, it can be challenging to believe that we already have all that we need. When we judge our lives strictly through the ‘little i’s’ (our personalities), we lose sight of who and what we are. On the other hand, when we view life through the eyes of the soul, we no longer live in the illusion of separation and negative ego. When we include the superconscious mind in the process of manifestation, what we want to manifest is a part of us already. Manifestation, then, is in a sense just undoing or stripping away that which is already ours but which has been hidden by the delusion of the personality. The soul is not separate from the object that it is trying to manifest, as the personality would have us believe. The object we are trying to manifest is a part of the soul, for soul pervades all things. This is why we ‘have’ and ‘are’ everything already.

A person such as Sai Baba can instantly manifest what he thinks and imagines. The same is true for us, except the process is slowed down a bit. When we create from a soul consciousness, we instantly manifest, except that we cannot see what we’ve create instantly with our physical eyes. Time and space do not really exist (another challenging theory), but know that once we claim our manifestation, it is already ours. We are just waiting for it to come into manifestation on the earthly plane. Again, this can be challenging to truly grasp but it’s imperative to gain an understanding of this process as we progress through the various levels of ascension.

Most people manifest the things in their lives on a conscious mind level through the use of will or personal power. This is creation through physical action. We lead busy lives, sometimes running 18 hours per day, doing the ‘stuff’ that our conscious minds tell us we must do. What actually is our conscious mind? How does it play out in our lives compared to the workings of our subconscious mind? Where does our superconscious mind come into play? Do we make use of these three powerful minds that we each possess, or do we simply operate out of one of our minds and dismiss the power of the others?

Take a moment now to read through the posts on the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds before you start taking a deeper look at the Law of Manifestation.

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