The Conscious Mind

The key function of the conscious mind is to be the reasoning mind and the programmer, protector and master of what we put into our subconscious mind.20091014-gate Try to imagine the conscious mind as an inner gate that protects us from our subconscious or non-reasoning mind. When a thought or feeling arises, it is the conscious mind’s task to use its powers of reasoning, discernment and discrimination to check that thought at the gate, so to speak. If the thought or impulse is ‘positive’, the conscious mind lets it into our being. If the thought or feeling is so-called ‘negative’, the subconscious mind closes the gates and denies entry. It is as simple and as basic as that.

Psychological good health is the process of letting positive, spiritually balanced thoughts into our minds. Just as in good physical health, where we put good, healthful food into our bodies, so do we put good, healthful thoughts into our minds if we want to be psychologically healthy. This ‘reasoning’ mind (or conscious mind) therefore controls what gets into our subconscious mind! By pushing negative thoughts or feelings out of who we are, we are refusing them energy. This is much like not watering a plant…the plant eventually withers and dies from lack of water (attention and focus).

Once we have pushed the negative thought out, the second step is to affirm the positive or spiritual thought. This can be called positive thinking through positive affirmation. By continually disregarding the negative thought and affirming the positive thought, we can form a new habit which then gets stored in our subconscious mind. The old habit dies because we are not giving it energy, and a new habit, which takes 21 days to form, takes its place. This then is stored in our subconscious mind and assists our conscious mind in making logical decisions.

Another way to view our conscious mind is to think of it as the ‘President of our personality’ or ‘Captain of our ship’. With this 20091014-shipmetaphor, if the conscious mind is the caption of the ship, then the subconscious mind is the shipmate below decks who follows whatever orders the captain gives. Thus, we are in control of what goes into our subconscious mind and what eventually can control our lives if allowed to.

Yet another way to look at our conscious mind is to think of it as a gardener. The gardener plants the seeds (thoughts) and the soil (subconscious mind) 20091014-gardengrows whatever kind of seed is planted, be it a weed or a beautiful flower. The subconscious mind will store information and follow orders whether the orders are rational or irrational. The subconscious mind doesn’t care because it has absolutately no reasoning ability.


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  4. Alex says:

    Great explanation and great material 😉
    Does it mean that our character is the essence of a subconscious mind ???
    If Yes… then to what extend are we responsible for what are we born with, and what is happening later in our life?
    Self will is an obstacle and Free Will does not have to much to say in this situation, or am I wrong?

  5. It depends on what you mean by ‘character’. Our personality is synonymous with our ego. Anything with which we identify in our external realities becomes food for the ego. Who we are is made up of so much more then all the levels of the mind put together. If you look at the information stored in the subconscious mind as a collection of our memories, and if you believe that our memories represent elements of our experiences, and that our experiences mold our perceptions of how we see the world around us, then yes, part of our character is a collection of the content within the subconscious mind.

    However, part of our character also comes from the imprints that come part and parcel with the bodies that we’ve chosen, and yet other aspects of our characters are derived from the programming or conditioning that we get exposed to. There are still other sources from which the ingredients of our characters come, some known and others far beyond the capacity of our minds to comprehend. That is part of the mystery of the Universe. That is part of its beauty. And remember, the character we have in this life is only one of the many that we use in the multiple dimensions that we’re all inhabiting at this very moment! Something else that’s quite interesting to think about!

    The subconscious mind has no identity in itself. It is simply a collection of the information that we choose to store within it. It has no will. It has no rational capacity to make decisions or influence our behavior.

    You ask about responsibility. Our responsibility starts with the conscious mind. What are you going to allow to enter through its gates? What information will you let the subconscious mind store? It is of utmost importance to remember to use the gift of free will, for its power could help you ascend into mastery, just as easily as it could take you in directions less desirable.

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