Self Healing with Christine Day

I have just shared in an experience that has left me humbled and confused. I have, just seconds ago, finished a self healing with the aid of Christine Day. I watched 3 video clips that she has made available on her website of a healing experience she facilitated at an event in Saint Paul, MN on November 18, 2008. The energy coming through the computer was undeniable. I partook in an experience that let me heal. I let myself heal. I am somehow different. Let me explain…

During the first clip, I listened. For the most part, I was trying to sense what sort of energy was building up through her. During the second clip, I began breathing along with the people who partook in the transmission of light on that 18th day of November. By the third clip, I was there, joining in, basking in a powerful, loving energy, that wanted me to heal.

I didn’t know what she meant by ‘letting go’ until I allowed myself to fully breath in this loving compassion. Because you see, when I breathed in this acceptance, the only thing left to breath out was the pain and lack of forgiveness I was holding within my cells. Breath after breath, I took in acceptance, and let go of rejection. As I got into this flow of self healing, my releasing took on the form of tears and sighs. I experienced waves of self-rejection followed by reassurance that it was finally ok to be me. I sensed a message – a sort of voice – that reassured me that it was now ok to be myself. It was time to stop hiding my truth in fear of judgment. I recalled moments in my early childhood when I instinctively knew to hide my true self because those around me would not understand. As I released this self-rejection, I breathed in compassion for myself.

During the end of the third clip, after what I now sense was a multi-dimensional release of dense energy, the back bottom right of my head began to throb. The whole right side of the back of my head was aching as I was writing this message, but now it seems to have stopped.

This was my experience. I feel like the child within me, a strong yet timid presence full of curiosity coupled with fear to express herself, has been comforted through this experience. I felt as if I was holding her within my arms in a loving and supportive embrace. She has been left with the message that it is ok to truly start healing and growing now. Peaking up above the top of the high wall isn’t as scary anymore. I wonder what there is to see beyond the barriers…

If you would like to watch these three clips, here they are:

If you would like to know more about Christine, you may be interested to watch this VirtualLight Broadcast interview with her during which she discusses how she started her journey into the world of BRILLIANCE!

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