The time for renewal

I wrote to you about Shiva and Shakti and how I realised recently that I have just gone through a period of Shiva (destruction) only to realise that I am coming out of that and entering into a period of Shakti (renewal). There was a point at which I heard myself saying to others that “I need to allow myself to heal” but it was as if I was listening to those words coming out of someone else’s mouth. I wasn’t thinking them. I was listening to them from somewhere outside of myself.

I decided to trust those words, and in so doing, gave myself time – guilt-free time – to simply be, without judgment, in silence, creating enough peace around myself to mend my broken parts.

I am reiterating these sentiments now because I just came across a video this morning that speaks of a similar journey, only this time, we focus on America and what the land and its people are going through now.

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