An Introduction to Numerology

Omnia in numeris sita sunt

Numerology IconNumerology has had the misfortune of being coined a ‘New Age’ fad often associated with limited value and sensationalism. Next to the fortune teller gazing into her crystal ball and stealing money from honest fun-seeking families at the fair, one would expect to see the numerologist ready to profit from the trusting nature of the spiritually curious. That is, of course, unless you’ve actually read about the history of numerology, the power of numbers, the mystic connection between them and the sacred geometry left behind on this planet by the most powerful civilizations known to this orbit. If you’ve ever explored the truth of numbers before, you will know that there is great potency in their messages.

Numerology is not about predicting the future because WE shape the future with every choice we make. Understand this statement. Every choice you make in every moment you are given impacts how the next moment will be. If you go to a tarot card reader and ask for your future to be revealed to you, you may get lucky enough to come across a powerfully skilled card reader who will be able to read the cards correctly but even then, all the reader is able to do is tell you how your future looks in this moment in time. The instant you make a new choice – even as simple as where you will go for lunch after your reading – your future will look different in some way.

Numerology is about understanding how specific encoded vibrations have the potential to impact you and your dynamic energetic pattern.

Symbols are everywhere. They are all around us. All we have to do is WAKE UP, open our eyes (all of them!) and start paying attention! The name that we chose for ourselves is significant. The date and time when we decided to be born is significant. Even the countries, cities and streets where we decide to live have a huge impact on what happens in our lives.

Everything has an energetic vibration. These words you are reading now have a specific resonance. The room you’re in right now has a particular energy. Even the clothes you’re wearing and the sheets on your bed are attuned to a certain vibration and all of these levels of energy affect us when we come in contact with them.

Have you ever considered why you dislike it so much when people call you by a certain name, or how come you don’t like driving down certain streets, or what the reason is for the fact that you’ve always wanted to visit a particular country?


Letters and numbers have power. Their specific combinations create unique vibrations. Opening yourself up to the ancient wisdom of the language of numbers could allow you to reveal answers to questions you only knew to ask in your deepest dreams. Now you can remember the answers. And rest assured, you have the answers.

As long as you can add, you can be a student of numerology. In an attempt to make numerology easier to understand, I’ve broken it down into two main categories: Numerology of Your Birth and Numerology of Your Name.

Numerology of Your Birth

The analysis of the numbers related to your birth reveals fundamental encoded information that you carry with you from the beginning of your life. This information includes the reason why you decided to be born at the exact moment when you entered into this world, the explanations of what your mission is in this life and what tools you came with in order to fulfill your plan.

Numerology of Your Name

Name analysis is one way for you to be able to decode a dominant energy that deeply impacts you in this life. You carry your name with you from the beginning until the end. It may change throughout your life, and that in itself is significant, but the influence of the energy of your name is a very important factor in your spiritual evolution. You chose your name long before you came to this life with a very specific intention. Aren’t you at least a little curious about what that intention might be?

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  1. Ute Medley says:

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  2. Alex says:

    Numerology, or rather understanding the value of every number is a part of Sacred Geometry. An alphabet to read Universe. It is a very rewarding knowledge if we have it.
    If we use it only for horoscope, we could be disappointed and think that it is a New Age. It is amazing i wise ability to have, so lets work on it.

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  4. Vencislav says:

    Hey Terry,Yours is one of the few e-zines I regularly open and foollw the links back to your site or your YouTube videos or wherever you decide you are going to send us that week because I know it is always great and uplifting content.This week is a special message, not least for the numerological reasons but also for the touching message in your moving story. Having lost my mother and two step-fathers in just a few years (careless I know:-) I can certainly relate to the pain and anguish when there is suffering (and then loss) in those we grew up relying on.It does make you appreciate those around you who you love even more.Thank you for reminding us all how special they are, how special we are and also how special YOU are.Michael

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