What is energy?

The first ever mention of energy and its power as a life giving force can be dated back to 500 B.C. when the Pythagoreans wrote of a light that had the potency to produce various changes in the human body, including the cure of disease. Over 5000 years of ancient Indian spiritual tradition speaks of a universal energy called Prana that can be transferred from individual to individual. The Chinese refer to Ch’i as the vital energy of all matter that encompasses two polar forces, the yin and the yang. They believe that balance of the polarities results in health and that imbalance leads to illness. Even the ancient theosophy of the Kabbalah talks about an astral light that emits a life-giving force. These are just a few of the many names for energy.

There is no negative or positive energy. There is simply the relative lack of energy and the relative existence of energy. Energy can be a color, a sound, or a thought. Energy connects all things. All things are made of energy. Energy is all around us, and it supplies us with the strength to keep living our lives and loving our families. Essentially, we are all energy.

Difficulties arise when we create an imbalance of energy within ourselves. There may be times when you feel drained because of your stressful schedule, or you may feel sluggish because you don’t eat properly. You may sometimes even find yourself spending time with people who somehow manage to ‘suck the life right out of you’. All of these are signs that you are creating an imbalance of energy. When your energy is imbalanced, something will feel off. If you allow the imbalance to persist, it may even lead to illness.

When you integrate your mind, body and spirit into one harmonious flow of energy, you leave behind the fears and ego-centred motives of a world of pain, and enter into a higher state of consciousness that brings health and prosperity to all facets of your life. By replenishing your energy levels, the cycle of understanding through knowledge and experience shortens.

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