Steps to Illumination

What you will find below is a very powerful tool. You may choose to refer to it as a reminder, to use it as a daily exercise, or to consider it a methodology to which to aspire. Try reading across the rows as if you were reading a book. Do you notice a pattern? Can you see a relationship among the terms? Do some words trigger stronger reactions than others? Do your responses reveal clues about your current state of clarity? Are you able to identify opportunities for development?

Reading this list from time to time, or even on a daily basis, will create a conscious reminder of that which we often let simmer in the background. Controlling our thoughts and clarifying our intentions can be quite overwhelming. Rather than divert energy from conscious creation into random release, observe where your thoughts and intentions are coming from in order to EMPOWER yourself.

God Mind Carnal Mind
Cosmic Consciousness
Heaven State
(Attributes of the Christ)
Mortal Consciousness
Hell State
(Attributes of the ‘little ego’)
I affirm… I affirm… I deny… I deny…
1 Absolute God good sin (d)evil 1
2 mind thought thoughtlessness stupidity 2
3 spirit substance lifelessness matter 3
4 principle law rebellion lawlessness 4
5 light inspiration superstition darkness 5
6 life health disease death 6
7 love compassion enmity hatred 7
8 truth reality falsehood error 8
9 wisdom knowledge false beliefs ignorance 9
10 understanding discrimination foolishness idiocy 10
11 order system confusion chaos 11
12 unity brotherhood selfishness separation 12
13 divinity consecration profanity carnality 13
14 eternity now fear-of-future living-in-past 14
15 immortality indestructibility destruction mortality 15
16 universality impersonality self-consciousness egotism 16
17 perfection at-one-ment dissatisfaction incompletion 17
18 will obedience indecision timidity 18
19 joy happiness sadness sorrow 19
20 mercy forgiveness unforgiveness cruelty 20
21 courage fortitude dread cowardice 21
22 faith trust worry fear 22
23 strength vigor impotence frailty 23
24 mastery dominion bondage slavery 24
25 creation imagination hallucination delusion 25
26 power ability helplessness laziness 26
27 purpose determination vacillation obstinacy 27
28 progress expression inaction retrogression 28
29 peace tranquility turmoil strife 29
30 poise balance irritability derangement 30
31 purity virtue immodesty impurity 31
32 patience non-resistance resistance nervousness 32
33 praise reverence criticism condemnation 33
34 abundance prosperity poverty lack 34
35 success achievement defeat failure 35
36 service labor idleness indolence 36
37 sincerity honesty dishonesty deception 37
38 renunciation humility false-pride vanity 38
39 generosity liberality jealousy greed 39
40 gratitude appreciation depreciation ingratitude 40
41 tolerance patience bigotry fanaticism 41
42 confidence reliance doubt suspicion 42
43 beauty soulfulness shallowness ugliness 43
44 security protection danger peril 44
45 individuality originality imitation personality 45
46 zeal receptivity indifference carelessness 46
47 youth re-creation deterioration old-age 47
48 endurance perseverance impatience weakness 48
49 freedom independence dependence subjection 49
50 harmony concord contention discord 50

Here is a link to the printable (pdf) version of the table. There are actually two versions of the table in this printable copy – one includes all the words you see above, and the other is a workable blank copy of the table. As you read each word, take note of the first thought, image, or single word that pops up in your mind. Please do not judge your reaction. Then, write that respond down in the corresponding cell of your blank worksheet. Continue doing this untill all the cells are filled. You can do this by yourself, with a partner or even make it a group activity with your friends. Once everyone has finished, reveal your reactions to one another, but instead of comparing them, allow each person a moment of reflection. Share with one another. Learn from one another.

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