Primordial Sound Meditation

Chopra CenterThe Intention Meditation is a wonderful guided meditation from Deepra Chopra’s website. It speaks of Inner Power – that it is available to us whenever we remember about it, and that all we have to do is quiet our external self and listen to the internal wisdom of the inner Self. Gratitude is also a great focus of this meditation. We are gently reminded that we have a choice – do we hold onto grievances, or do we choose to let them free?

Power of Intention – focusing our attention…and our intention.

The meditation is about 15 minutes long, and includes a few minutes of introduction. The gentle chimes/gongs are phenomenally clearing, cleansing and tuning. One of the great pleasures I get from this meditation is experiencing the vibrations that emanate out of my computer when it plays! Even if you don’t want to go into a deep trance and dedicate yourself to a full on meditation session, I find it a beautiful experience in and of itself to simply listen…

At a certain point, you are asked to repeat your personal mantra. If you don’t have one that comes to mind, you can simply repeat Om (Aum) to yourself, or if you’d like, you can try the one that I’ve been using – Om Namah Shivaya pronounced Aum Num-ha Shi-why or Aum Num-ha Shi-vaya.

May Peace Flow Through You


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  2. Luckyjoyce says:

    Wanted to thank you Evelyn for another great yoga class. I loved the inawrd approach to your teaching on Wednesday. Eyes closed, focusing on me, breathing through my tight spots, expanding deeper through focused breath. Eliminating everything around me as well as my own mental chatter. My achy back no longer hurts Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Friday.

  3. Alfred says:

    This is VERY helpful! I have one qsuteion, though, that I ask in total sincerity if your breath ultimately ceases, do you essentially breathe through the Cosmic Energy? I know I probably shouldn’t worry about not actually breathing, because Cosmic Energy must be a very loving and protective and nurturing energy.

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