Musing from the beyond…

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…unless of course, I decide to let them.

I’m sitting before the panel again. It’s come time to make some choices about my next assignment. My Guide is standing next to me, as always the pillar of calm, strength, clarity and wisdom. I’ve been working a lot at honing my skills and developing some new ones that will help me in this next life. I realize now what I missed last time around. I think I know what to do this time. I’m so blessed to be given another chance.

Whenever any of us up here are told that we’re ready to go back, a sequence of events is initiated to ensure we’re ready when the moment comes. I’m at the point where I have to meet with the Masters and choose some specific experiences that I will have to go through in this next life. The panel will present me with some choices – all designed to prepare me for my next steps toward a higher level of initiation. We’ll also talk about contracts today. You know, those agreements you get into with other souls before you enter into your new body; the ones you all agree to take part in and that no matter what happens, you all have to go through. Anyway, that’s what today is about. Finalizing the cornerstones of my next life on Earth.

I heard something funny once when I was observing some humans. A guy was talking about his perception of this process of choosing experiences and signing contracts. He said it wasn’t fair that we are asked to make such important choices while we’re in our state of bliss. He said that if we knew how those experiences would really feel, we probably wouldn’t agree to them in the first place. Yes, it is true that we eventually attain a state of bliss when we return home, but even when we are embodied, we have a direct connection with home whenever we want it. It is just a case of learning to cultivate that connection – something he hadn’t learned yet.

During my last life, I was meant to develop an experiential as well as a mental understanding of the concept of free will. I brought with me the conscious awareness of pre-destined experiences and sacred contracts, and although I didn’t completely grasp these concepts, I knew from within that I had made choices long ago that were impacting the life I was leading in that body. What I struggled with though, was an acceptance of the relationship between free will and destiny. I walked through a great part of that life asking myself, “How can we have any power to choose when all our choices have already been made?”

Nearing the end of that life, I began to realize that although certain experiences were pre-destined, the way that we choose to respond to those experiences is completely up to us. We have the free will to choose how we perceive each and every experience. And these choices are what dictate how we develop and grow in each life.

Even though I can explain the concept of this lesson to myself, it still isn’t a lesson that I have completely enveloped with my heart, so I shall continue on my journey of understanding in this next life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the Masters are waiting…

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