20090122 postMantras are short prayers or invocations. The original mantras came from the Indian Buddhist and contemporary Hindu religions. The word itself is derived from two Sanskrit words: “manas” meaning ‘mind’ and “trai” meaning to ‘free from’. If we are free from our minds, we are free from our egos and the part of us that is drawn to fear and limitation. When you invoke these ancient spiritual tools, you call forth abundant energy to assist you.

A mantra can be spoken out loud, but is also effective when repeated in silence. When saying a mantra out loud, it is beneficial to say it deliberately with intent. The energy that you put into the words creates sound waves that stimulate healing, clarity and spiritual growth. By projecting your intent through sound, your energy begins vibrating at a different level to correspond with the vibration of the mantra. After repeating a mantra over days and weeks, you can change your frequency and uplift yourself to feel more empowered.

Each time you invoke a mantra, try repeating it at least three times. Feel free to repeat a mantra as many times as you wish throughout the day. The amount of times a mantra is repeated is not as important as what intent is put forth during an invocation.

Mantras may seem short and simplistic. You may think that you already know what the mantra is saying, or that you already adopt its principles into your daily life. It may be true that you have mastered some, but all of us have work to do on ourselves – that is one of the reasons why we are here. Remember, that the simplest of tools are often the most powerful.

With that, you are invited to explore the mantras of Divine Guidance, Empowerment and Preservation, and to adopt them into your lives if they feel right to you.

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  1. Horison says:

    I live in a really hilly town, which means hill work is a must for runs and walks. When I first satetrd running, one large, long hill in particular was a problem for me, but I kept attacking it because it was on the route for a race I’d be running. One day, I satetrd mentally chanting I’ma kick it’s a** repeatedly as I charged up. That was the first day I was able to run it. Now, whenever I face some sort of obstacle during a race, I use that mantra.During another race, I got very stressed and satetrd hyperventilating, so I satetrd thinking Breath calm, breath slow over and over. It took me almost a mile, but I eventually calmed down. So yes, I really think that mantras can be helpful.

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