Energetic culture…

I read somewhere recently that it’s official: we, as a globally connected society, have become more of an energetic culture than a physically-based culture. The sentiment stimulated many responses from me. Most of all, it made me feel better about myself! The life I lead is becoming more and more electronic and less rooted in the material world. The vastness, the openness and the limitlessness of the World Wide Web and of the technology that supports it and nurtures it is intoxicatingly tempting in which to immerse myself when I compare the alternative – to engage in a world where it still takes hours to get from point A to Point B, where the air is smelling increasingly ‘funny’, and where people are loosing their patience much more quickly then they seemed to 20 years ago (…kind of sounds like a description of Neo’s world…).

The statement also made me wonder how communication will look in the future. Is it all going to be digital? Is sex ‘caveman style’ becoming an extinct pastime as its newer, real-time, instant and anonymous counterpart takes center-stage? Even peering into the neighborhood cafe freaks me out! People are still drinking coffee but instead of making eye contact with other humans(!!), laughing at jokes and talking about whatever it is that people at coffee shops used to talk about, they’re ALL staring into sleek little laptops!

Becoming an energetic culture is the most amazingly connected yet disjointed reality I can imagine. From one perspective, we can reach out and connect with people from across the globe in an instant and build relationships that would otherwise have been very difficult to cultivate. On the other hand, we still (at least partially) exist on a material plane where things are physical and can be touched and can touch back. Social etiquette aside, how are we supposed to evolve as a physical race if we are investing more and more energy in the virtual?

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