The day is everyday and any day is today. One day is all that exists. Each day we live the same day and see differently. The same morning, the same air, the same time ticking away into the same worries and doubts. Time is man made and man is made of time. Today you may think that the sun was warm and tomorrow the sky too wet, yet it is the same day each day, seen through eyes of a different observer.

When we see, we think of the meanings. When we think, we create stories. When we doubt, we question our imagination and once our heart is scared enough that it closes, the colors fade and the lights dim and the day becomes night. Do you feel like you’re in the dark?

Sitting in a room with no lights, it’s easy to see black. Slowly, your eyes open wider from the inside and you begin to see that the dark is as colorful as the day. Each day is light and each day is dark. Each day we see varying levels of colors and shadows that make up new experiences and bring us into new levels of the rainbow.

Each day is the same. We live the same day each day through different eyes, eyes that open wider from the inside. Do you believe in rainbows when you look into the sky after a spring storm and can almost reach out and touch the arch of color smeared across the clouds? Can you feel the moment in the middle of the day when you experienced yesterday and the day before and you walk by it today and feel it coming again tomorrow? Each day is the same day, and all that changes is our choice of how we want to see it.

What do you do when you feel that yesterday is today and tomorrow was now? How can you walk by the opportunity tomorrow that came to you so suddenly yesterday and not wait impatiently for it to be revealed? Feeling is not knowing and believing is wishing. Feeling is being in the moment when tomorrow is today and yesterday was now. How can you be afraid of not knowing when you already have the answer? The simplest is the answer you won’t see because you want it to be in tomorrow.

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