Charlie Rose and Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama)

dalailama-video-wordsA conversation where science, art, education and politics are discussed within the context of spirituality.

“I’m nothing special. I’m just like you.”

Along the side of this post, I’ve included words – words that resonated strongly with me as I watched this video. This is an interesting exercise to perform with someone else, with 2 or more observers. You see, we all see the world through our own eyes. No one sees the same way. We all create our own perceptions of each and every thing we experience. These perceptions are created out of all the other experiences we’ve had, all the choices and judgments we’ve made and all the understandings and concepts we’ve collected throughout all of our lifetimes. So, why not share our perceptions? In this case, while watching the video, and in other cases in our lives? Listening to other people’s perceptions could not only teach us tolerance, acceptance, patience, and understanding, but it could also help us open our eyes to the illusion of all that is around us. What is real is connection. Let’s connect. What words resonated with you while you watched this video?

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